Local SEO Services

Local SEO in Layman Language

Local SEO is optimizing your business’s online presence to appear in local search results for your neighborhood. For example take a reference of our existing client, Kanex’s Edwin is a Landscaping Service Provider in Riverside Parkway, Suite. He used to only appear in Google search results if any one searched his only business name: ‘Kanex’s Edwin Landscaping Desinger’. However, using our local SEO services, Kanex’s Edwin was able to get his business to appear in local search results for several search terms that his client were using, such as: “Riverside Parkway Landscaping”, “Landscaping Services”, contact number of landscaping services and “local landscaping services”. Now, anyone who never knew Kanex’s Edwin before are able to find his company with ease. More importantly we authenticated his website with Google so that he gets more local queries as he is a verified user in the eyes of Google.

Beat Your Competition

by ranking above your local business competitors on Search Engine Results.

Everybody is doing whatever they can do to ensure their own business stay on top on Google pages.We first study your competition and then form strategy that can not only give you result but also beats your competition.